This world is has begun to descend into the shadows. The humans who have previously held the strength of power. Its been 15 years since the end of the crusade which resulted in the almost extinction of the humans. Man kind is now scattered throughout the lands with the majority of them barley old enough to wield a sword or bear children. The shadows have descended from the fridge north as the creatures of night expand into new territories. The once a heroic warrior now turned undead king presides as the ruler of these creatures. The country side has now become natural with the eerie calls of werewolves in the forest, the willow wisps playing the woods, and the emergence of the a new species breed during the crusades… The children on night and day, half vampires have humans.

Currently the shadow lands as they are now called only encompassed the fallen human cities. The Undead king has halted his subjects from expanding into territories held by the other races, particularly the eleven and dwarves lands. Instead the undead king has sent diplomats into these lands in an effort to establish an agreement and possible trade.

During the last year of the crusade the humans made a grave error, on the verge of extinguishing the undead king and his realm of shadows in the artic north they over extended their soldiers, wizards, and paladins so that minimal forces were left to protect the more southern areas of their kingdom. It was then that the dragon born arrived. Traveling from distant lands seeking refuge a small army approached the gem of the human city. Fighting a battle on two fronts the human kingdom was unable to maintain itself. Hastily pulling back its forces to defend its kingdom allowed the undead king to regroup and push back, while the dragon born conquered the heart of the human lands. Trapped between the dragon born and the shadows what was left of the human crusaders fled.

The dragon born have now taken the coastal city once the center of the human kingdom and made it their own. Besides this small conquest the dragon born are now more concerned with establishing their lively hood and developing relations with boarding lands. The undead king and the dragon born quickly formed diplomatic relations and began trading.

While the continent is no longer fighting tension is high. There have been heated discussions as to if the dwarves and elves should rise up against the undead king and dragon born before they can get their footing or accept them as new powers in their world. But really how much can you trust a cold blooded lizard and a man with ice in his veins?

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